Hydrawise Manager Subscription for HC Wi-Fi Controllers

When you elect this subscription, you are able to manage your irrigation controller from anywhere using your mobile device or web browser with Hydrawise web-based software. Subscription available for use ONLY with HUNTER HC Wi-Fi Controllers.
Predictive watering adjusts schedules based on forecast temperature, rainfall, wind and humidity providing maximum water savings while keeping your land-scape healthy and beautiful.
As your preferred contractor Daily Rain can remotely manage & monitor your system, saving you time and money on unnecessary service calls.
  • Daily System Updates to online dashboard with 30 days of visible history
  • Predictive Watering via public weather stations
  • Daily Rain available for remote access to adjust & troubleshoot with a one time $25 charge per instance

*Alerts requiring a service call are charged at only $50 per call versus the standard $75 and labor rates apply upon arrival

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