16-22 Zone Start Up Only

Start Up Service Only:

  • Turn on water to system
  • Check for plumbing leaks
  • Evaluate zone performance
  • Head adjustments
  • Set controller/watering schedule
  • Trim around heads & valve boxes
  • Check rain sensor, if applicable


*Base Rates for city/well systems. 

Additional charges apply for Rid-o-Rust maintenance & chemicals and lake pump service.  

Please select these service packages if applicable to your system. 

Any necessary repairs are billed as additional labor and material.
We guarantee head adjustments for 30 days following start up or mid-season check. We must be notified within those 30 days to honor the guarantee. PLEASE NOTE: "adjustments" do not include raising, straightening, or replacing heads. 

  • Item #: 16-22SU
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